By Poseidon Tsautsau

When the founders of this country were drafting the legal book that guides this nation, they were not foolish to say that suffrage is granted to any citizen who is 18 and above. Over a century ago, suffrage was a priviledge for the few white people, then came an era when men only could vote, a new dawn was introduced in 1980 when every adult…as per the United Nations Charter and the Zimbabwean Constitution… was allowed to vote inconsiderate of his or her race, colour, tribe, religion, gender or background but the opportunity is being underutilized, the human race is funny isn’t it? Since the 2018 voters’ registration is now in operation. It seems like problems keep evolving in line with participation, for the participation phobia once hit the people of colour, shifted to women and now its young people, but why? Let me highlight six reasons why young people should vote and do away with the mentality that the voting booth is old people friendly only.


Growing up we used to crave to have independence and to make decisions individually and independently as well. In life there is no way one can make an individual decision 100% as what one does in the booth; for when we are kids our decisions are influenced by our parents and in adulthood our decisions are motivated by our families especially our life partners, thus the pen and the ballot paper allows you to make a one man’s decision that touches your life, that of your family, community and the nation at large


Our lives are designed in a way that each and every part of it is controlled either directly or indirectly by politics, in fact by the system of governance. The way our ward, constituency, city or country is run shapes our lives in all aspects therefore by the virtue of young people voting now, they have cashed their political cheque with hope to the bank of the future.  By voting, one gets the right to complain in the future if voted folks don’t keep their promises. I have heard the wise saying, ‘bad leaders are elected by good people who don’t vote’, so make sure not to do such a mistake.


Young people in Zimbabwe are over 50% and that makes them the majority, a coincidence for democracy is a best friend of numbers as well; so it’s more likely that the government in a youths way if the young people vote.


Old people don’t understand the modern music, fashion, technology as a matter of fact they don’t like the modern generation’s lifestyle, but one thing I know about them is that in as much as they are few- they vote. It’s pretty tough for an old people dominated democratic country to come up with modernized legal bills that are youths friendly for they enjoy the primitive style. For example they do not understand the danger that is posed by cyber-bullying, actually most of them don’t believe in its existence, if you tell them that you’re a victim of that, they will tell you to drop social media right away, you see. If young people vote our communities will cease to hear outcries by the non-voting youths in search of recognition, a practice of ignorance combine with stupor…I consider it.


‘Vote early, vote often’ it’s a common phrase on the mouths of future caring parents advising their offshoots. Young people need to participate in politics to cultivate the culture of voicing their views and concerns, and that they may not run out of national stratagem in the future for they are the custodians of nations. The zeal to vote usually drives one to make a lot researches and acquire useful information as well. In my life I have seen people who regretted to have participated in politics earlier after encountering some political information requiring situations.


Voting is an important right that and some people in this 21st century are not getting the opportunity to choose their leaders and they wish to have such an opportunity but their decency or location of birth is a barrier. If one  is not allowed to vote he or she doesn’t have a right to question authorities as those on top turn to be tyrannical to maintain power, so my fellow young people lets utilize this opportunity that our country gives us.