Malema a Drunkard- Chipanga

ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Kudzi Chipanga earlier on yesterday responded to comments made by Juilus malema criticizing President Mugabe’s rule.

Chipanga who was speaking to the media during the ZANU PF Youth League All Stake Holder meeting in preparations for the 21st February Movement celebrations expressed laughter rather than rage saying, ” Malema is a serial Drunkard and we all know that, so we are not surprised or bothered by his comments we know him because he used to be our friend from the ANC and he would always worry us for beer and it was always a disaster after he drinks. However may I advise the South African media guys to stop interviewing Malema while he is drunk maybe just try look for him early in the morning before he drinks one or two” – Chipanga said.

Adding on Chipanga said Julius was just a noisy puppy who seized to be a van guard of the revolution the day he left the ANC. “Drunk Malema needs to shut up and let us the true custodians speak what works well for our people we really don’t have the time to entertain him here”

The ZANU PF Youth Leader however seemed unbothered by the issue as he joked over the remarks to a thunderous applause by members of the Youth League present at the meeting. Chipanga responded after the government of Zimbabwe through the minister of information Christopher Mushowe issued a press statement rubbishing Malema for his comments.