Vusa Manjonjo

By V Manjonjo

The future of every family, community or Nation lies in the hands of the young generation. The youths can either propagate or hinder continuity. The constitution of Zimbabwe suggests that youths are those Citizens who are between the age of 15 and 35. This is the most active group, whose entire energy should be tapped and invested in shaping and moulding tomorrow’s fortunes. The character and nature of the future of any people is highly dependent on the present stature of its young people. It’s the young generation which has the onus to either defend and preserve a legacy or sell it.

I once noted on how the youth can invest in their talents to be anchors of the economy tomorrow. I also asserted on how Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) can be made useful to develop production entrepreneurs.  However in this edition, I will clarify on how as young people we can position ourselves to cure and remedy the symptoms of a waning youth and to develop our talents to be relevant to the demands of the time.

As much as the government through various Ministries is employing endless efforts to empower the youth, I would in this article however note on how the youth should help their helpers to help them. It’s an error in the now generation when we play victim towards our authorities. Even the most developed economies are not spared of the less privileged who in most cases are beggars on street corners. Success is not always centred upon the governing authorities, it is a personal vendetta. Ever realised that in Africa we lose our dreams as early as primary school level. One of the supreme reasons being that most African children lack orientation in time and are not developed towards achieving their desired goals or purposes. Most parents are lazy and reluctant to discover their children’s gifting and harness them in that regard. We are let as stray learners, we acquire professions by default not by passion. Very few people decide what they want to be in life, generally our passes at either Ordinary or Advanced levels decide for us. We are not committed to obtaining goals rather we are programmed to embrace outcomes despite long term effects.

Another simple error but the most destructive is lack of motivation. This is when you allow a minor flop to alter the major plan.  One simple failure in life should not change a vision. Dreams are not hallucinations, if followed passionately they compensate in the end. Every successful person is one who mastered the art of repetition. They have defined their line of work and despite so many setbacks and failures encountered on the way they remain consistent and resolute. This is our disease as young people. You failed Science at ordinary level and that exterminated the dream of becoming a doctor. Really? Why? We quickly let our simple little mistakes alter our future projections. Living a life of purpose is not an event, it’s a process, and how much are you willing to pursue your goals? Persistence is not progress but progressive people are persistent people. You don’t need the whole world to believe in your abilities, it takes you to believe in yourself and develop yourself to become it. I believe inner-motivation is more effective than outer motivation.

We lack the drive. The young generation lacks the push to become. Every year we make resolutions, plans and strategies but in the end a few become it according to their script. So quick are we to blame other people and the environment for our failures but never do we introspect ourselves to see how much we have contributed towards our failures. We enjoy the comfort zone of complaint or commonly blame the economic ills to justify our weaknesses. If you fail to achieve, let it be genuine. Instead many of my generation spend their entire energy on hero worshiping. The youth too often busk in the glory of other individuals’ success, they enjoy being associated with big names but never push themselves to emulate their role models. They get caught up in praise and reverence, they neglect to yearn and accomplish as much. What we need are mentors not heroes.

Complacence has destroyed many of the young people. They are too quick to get satisfied and be content. Be grateful of who you are and what you have but never be too foolish to be unworried in mess. If you lack the zeal to enhance your progress you are close to expiry and soon becoming irrelevant. There will always come someone better to occupy your place of influence if you do not develop yourself to keep it. Success demands for individuals who are crazy and adventurous enough to accomplish more.

Almost every powerful and influential person is out of reach. They have built walls around themselves making it a mammoth task to break into their circles of power. But however my little experience has taught me that, foolishness is wisdom if implemented with intelligence. Not always can you succeed with individual efforts, we all need someone to help us become what we perceive of ourselves. Most destinies are being sacrificed at the alters of ego and pride. Employ humble approaches to assistance and empowerment. Most young people are aborting their destinies because they fear to engage destiny helpers. Someone said it is better to try and fail than failing to try. Learn to engage dominant figures to your initiatives but first create capacity to be relevant in their sight. Procrastination will only kill your time and derail progress at the expense of your purpose.


Commonly the youth are caught up in what I call the error of associations. They mix and mingle with wrong connections and are locked in wrong circles of influence. It’s the people around us who motivate our thought pattern. This is where most purposes die because their carriers are furnished with irrelevant material. Know what you are born to do and surround yourself with people with dreams alike. Connections determine your destiny, direction and speed.


Until our youth is exorcised of these demons they will continue to complain and suffer in the face of opportunities. The most awakening truth is that amid these supposed economic ailments, some people are flourishing. Poverty is a mentality and success is an attitude. We have choices to thrive or die. It entirely depends on the nature of environment you create around you. I need to challenge you after reading this blog get up and do something for yourself. Life has no room for cowards, the weak minded neither do slow minded people have space in it. How much energy you are willing to invest in your success determines what will become of your future.



Vusa Manjonjo is the Chief Editor of the Zimbabwean Leadership Magazine. He can be contacted at or Vusa Manjonjo (Facebook)