The Zim Leadership Mag got the opportunity to speak with the hottest name on the streets right now. He speaks on his past, the new album, success and much more!

Goba MaCowboy left

Huge thanks to Morgan Stitch for arranging the interview time and of course thanks to Goba for taking the time to speak with us and answering the questions fans want to know! Listen to his latest single song titled “unoenda wega”


Maxjones: Great Meeting You Goba

Goba MaCowboy: It’s nice meeting you Sir

Maxjones: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Before we go any further, can you tell us a little about who you are and where you live?

Goba MaCowboy: My Name is Munashe Lowrence, better known as GOBA, l’m a musician currently residing in Cape Town SA but originally from Zimbabwe

Maxjones: Can you please give us a brief history of your up bringing and how  you came up into music?

Goba MaCowboy: I grew up in a very religious family on the dusty roads of Chitungwiza, l can say l was exposed to music at a very tender age through many things like games we used to play as young children, taking part into Sunday school’s choir. At school l also participated in all musical activities that were happening..

Maxjones: Well, this is really intriguing. From a religious background, how did you end up into Zim Dancehall?

Goba MaCowboy: Dancehall has always been there on the streets, as l grew up the environment changed, we began emulating dancehall as more youths were so into it.

Maxjones: Ookay, I know you produced “Ndanyura Murudo.” and it really rocked the streets. Was that the first thing?

Goba MaCowboy: No that was not the 1st,  so far l have more than 4 lovers songs to my name

Maxjones: Who were the first influences on your music and style?


Goba MaCowboy: Locally, l was inspired by Freeman, Killer T and international by Bugle, Fantan Mojah, Busy Signal

Maxjones: Which famous song or sound production, ultimately describes what you’d like Goba MaCowboy  music to sound like?

Goba MaCowboy: Busy Signal sounds good, look everytime he releases people singalong.. My wish is to be like that 1 day

Maxjones: Which latest songs, videos or mixtapes releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded?

Goba MaCowboy: I’m active on Facebook, on the page GOBA, people can get updates about our music, shows etc

Maxjones: Where do you distribute and promote your music (Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Your own Website, YouTube etc…) and why do you think this channel works best for you?

Goba MaCowboy: We usually use SendSpace, YouTube and soundcloud, ..there good for trying reach far and wider fans and audiences

Maxjones: How important do you think video is to your music, and how do you produce your videos?

Goba MaCowboy: Currently music isn’t complete without videos as people as easily relate to visuals they see…. Unfortunately we don’t have much videos to date due financial instabilities, but l managed to appear on two medleys, the 1st being TYLER RIDDIM MEDLEY produced by Samcris of Chillspot Records and secondly on DEEP LOVE RIDDIM MEDLEY produced by Toisen of Might Perfect Records

Maxjones: Is going Platinum or winning an Award important to you, and If you were forced to make only one choice, which of the two would you choose and why?

Goba MaCowboy: Yah tough one 😀.. But l think going platinum is better due sales made to the project

Maxjones: Being an independent artist, which is the one factor, above all else, that you currently desire most (increased music distribution, better quality production, more media exposure, more club and live performances etc…)?

Goba MaCowboy: Better quality and increased music distribution will help me a lot

Maxjones: Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?

Goba MaCowboy: For lyrical flow and content

Maxjones: Do you make your own beats and write your own lyrics? If yes what software or equipment do you prefer using? If you don’t do any of this by yourself, how do you get this done?

Goba MaCowboy: I write lyrics, go to the studio and the producer will hear how l’m sounding resulting in him making a beat that goes along with the lyrics

Maxjones: If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?

Goba MaCowboy: As producers l would like to work with Sunshine, Dj Tamuka, Oskid, Ptk, Quazor, Jmp, Tman, Zayan Empire.. As for Artists Killer T, Freeman, Kinnah,

Maxjones: Where is Winky D in the list ? hahaha

Goba MaCowboy: .. Winky D, Oliver Mtukudzi

Goba MaCowboy: Soul Jah Love

Goba MaCowboy: Jah Praizer

Maxjones: You made my day Goba lols.

Maxjones: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Goba MaCowboy: I’m influenced by Winky D, Killer T… They have managed to maintain that consistency and they are still producing relevant music

Maxjones: What do you mean by “relevant music”? Can you expound a bit on that.

Goba MaCowboy: Relevant music… Is that music which simply showcase our day to day living

Maxjones: In your experience thus far, what is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed? And one you didn’t follow, but now know for sure that you should have?

Goba MaCowboy: I think the term ” Education is the key” really works a lot, l used to be good academically with dreams of ending up in a white collar job, but the passion for music changed my goals and mindset. It’s always good to have some “papers” education as something to always fall back on

Maxjones: Do you think the advent of internet and all the new technology has helped your music and independent musicians in general, or do you think it just creates a mass of mediocre “copycats” who flood the web, making it difficult to distinguish yourself?

Goba MaCowboy: To a greater extent it has helped us a lot but also created mediocre..

Maxjones: How involved are you in the recording, producing, mastering, marketing, and other processes needed to make and sell your music, and do you outsource any part of these processes?

Goba MaCowboy: I’m so into everything with the help of other stakeholders

Maxjones: What in your opinion is the biggest barrier an artist like yourself, has to face and overcome, to gain any commercial success?

Goba MaCowboy: Music production needs a lot of input, Cash for instance before one can break into commercial success

Maxjones: In closing, tell us something about any projects and ideas you have in store or are already working on?

Goba MaCowboy: I’m looking forward to continue being relevant in producing songs, videos.. I’m working on a debut album to produced in the near future and currently we hoping to drop a singles collection any time soon

Goba MaCowboy: And upgrading to use live band instruments during performance and recording

Maxjones: What inspired your latest track “Unoenda Wega”?

Goba MaCowboy: Looking at how people are living nowadays, especially here in foreign land. People are prone to infection due to the recklessness of being into so many relationships trying to act or being seen “Cool”

Maxjones: Any last words or Shoutouts?

Goba MaCowboy: Wanna Thank God for the gift and the blessing of life. Much respect to all the loyal djs, producers and promoters who work tirelessly to uplift my works, l’m always humbled to have such people by my side.

Maxjones: Ok man, thanks alot for taking your time.

Goba MaCowboy: Thanks to you too for your time, Bless.


To get more of his music contact:

Goba MaCowboy:   +27 62 506 0011