2017 – Africa’s Best DJ

dj morgan stitch
DJ Morgan Stitch

Deejay Morgan Stitch is one of the most dynamic, influential Disk Jockey of this day. Recently (ZIMEA) Awarded DJ Morgan Stitch the best Dj of the Year 2016, which opened a gate for him and successfully get a calling by a Jamaican and USA  record label to work with them on a two year contract. He started his entertainment career at a tender age of 16 years when he was in high school with a group of high school friends. He then joined his elder brother who was into sound systems and started travelling with him on weekends when he had shows and he was now part of the events commitee at high school. Eventually he gained experience and exposure in the events he was participating at high school and as well moving around with his brother. Later on his brother would introduce him  to the Sound System business: New Generation Sound, Stereo 1, Silverstone, Small Axe and some other big sound systems in 2005. It was also this same year he got attention from promoters, artists, deejays and producers and that’s when he met with Major E, Inno T, the late Prince Tendai, Winky D, King Labash, the late Daddy Distress, the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Audius Mtawarira, Sani Makalima, Ngonie and some other Zimbabwean artists. Gaining more and more exposure and and meeting up with different people within the Zimbabwean Showbiz opened up for him the opportunity of being booked to play at various shows in Harare and various cities in Zimbabwe spreading his popularity to all the places in the southern Africa region.


Morgan StitchEarly career and radio DJ:

Morgan Stictch worked with Templeman, Simmad Entertainment, Roughneck, Red Rose Entertainment and Red Fox Entertainment. He was called up with Badman in 2007 then the two formed a crew called ‘Badman Crew’ which was under Nuklearwave Entertainment . The Badman Crew was made up of fresh young Deejays namely Dee-Knife. Ras Cathaz. Mc Malover. Dj Smallz. Dj Slime. Sisqo Kid, Fat Jay and worked together for 3 years. The group hosted the Miss Zimbabwe Colleges, Miss Winter Harare, Miss Harare High Schools, Miss Summer @Harare Gardens and his biggest event Morgan Stitch was the main host and Mc was the Annual Harare Show Cup Clash in 2008 and he was playing his trade at the then popular club called Asylum and in 2011 he left the crew to pave way for other new deejays he was recruiting. He later on joined New Generation Entertainment lead by King Alfred who is the founder and his two brothers General Oliver and Slaughter G, which was another milestone archivement for Morgan Stitch. As he became part of the N.G E family he got introduced to the more co-operate side of the showbiz, he hosted various co-operate events and business seminars and weddings just to mention a few. He then started to be more of an MC and DJ at the same time, and he started hosting events with Red Fox, Judgement Yard, Red Rose, Silverstone, Simmad, Bodyslam Records and more promotional companies like Coca Cola, Roughmix, Stars Events, Black Supremacy (Kenya). Chris Goldfinger( UK), Ricky Trooper (Jamaica).


morgan stitchRelocating to South Africa:

DJ Morgan Stitch moved to South Africa in late 2013 which was another new market for him and because of his experience in the showbiz he found it easy to penetrate the system. In November of 2013 he started working with Ras Reggie, Bashmouth, King Themba, Dj Wilson, Dubber Fabulous, Ruffkurt Entertainment, Dharican Sounds, Cutting Edge Promotions, Proud Zimbo, Shamstone Productions and other different deejays and promoters. He later  managed to secure a Resident DJ Contract at Chez Ntemba VIP Club which made him bring up another platform for some talented Zimbabwean artists and producers who are based in Cape Town. He hosted shows at Chez Ntemba which was now the home of Cape Town Dancehall Showcase, Morgan Stitch introduced a whole lot of artists into the marketbringing their works into the limelight. As he was now working with almost everyone in the cape town showbiz of the Zimbabwean community his name became a household name because of his great skill and not just as a DJ but as someone who is always giving others oppotunity to showcase their talents. Eventually he began to gain popularity and started to bring in new ideas into the system that was inco-operating Cape Town artists, deejay and producers with other people within their respected showbiz side. He then managed to link up producers with other producers in Zimbabwe, Ghana, USA, UK and Jamaica. This now brought something fresh in the entertainment circle of Cape Town because now on all the shows he was playing he would ask the promoters to put in some talented artists who can showcase their talent. He was now working with  King Labash Swit Beey, Goba, Asian Black, Fatha B, Slimkut, Tonny Sparks, Mazhambe, Mankind, Ras Morxy,Cater B, PS Quint and South Africans also Koriandah, Fire Flames, Yandiswa, Unathi, Ecco, he also worked with South African hip hop artists who are also growing in their genres MO Music, E Flow , Ayana and  Ruffneck.


morgan stitchArt exhibits:

Morgan Stitch is currently working with his stable New Generation Ent and Gullyview Records which is his personal Recording Label. Its mainly operating in  recording big artists in Zimbabwe the likes of Shinsoman, Lady Squanda. Jah Love. Seh Calaz , Dandza D, Khadijah jus to mention a few and  his own artist’s under gully view records which are Fireman. Mr Nicetime. Bobofire. Sasco Tee and more. “My vision is to get more artists, producers and dancers based in cape town have the same reception as the artists in Zimbabwe.”  Now he is working with Dj Scratch, Dj Staera , Selector J Vybz and Mc Teegunz under the name Cherry Bomb and other deejays based in Cape Town who are Lazzie B from Digital One, Don Family and he is now part of the Zimbabwean Cape Town Promoters Association.


2016 Success

The year 2016 was a successfull year for Morgan Stitch as he managed to achieve a lot within the showbiz industry. He had two major big events which he headlined which are The Miss Zimbabwe Tourism Finals 2016 which where held in Zimbabwe and The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards 2016 which where held in Johannesburg. He also managed to do a tour of Zimbabwe and within South Africa in Johannesburg, Pretoria, East London. Locally he was so active in helping various promoters with their events. His name being a household brand name he decided to venture into music production and working with various artists both local and international under the motto “support local music” especially to our fellow Zimbabwean brothers and sisters who are trying to make music within the borders. Zimbabweans who are plying trade in South Africa in various industries the likes of JAH SEED (BONGO MAFFIN) HOPE MASIKE (MUSICIAN) ESROM NYANDORO (FOOTBALLER) CHI MENDE (GENERATIONS ACTRESS) YVONNE KATSANDE (GENERATIONS ACTRESS) OLIVER MTUKUDZI (MUSICIAN) T.MULA (MUSICIAN & BUSINESSMAN) and some more of the Zimbabwean brothers and sisters.


“To God Be the Glory and everything in life takes time.”

Contact with Morgan Stitch at: +27 84 242 5822

Email: witychasara@gmail.com


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