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Elton Shumba is the last born in a family of four boys born in 1989 on the 13th of October in Gweru. His rural home is Mberengwa and has had a neck for development from an early age through Interact as a Programs Manager at Fletcher High School.
Ellton is currently a co-founder and Director of New Generation Trust a youth oriented organization that found the need for continued lobbying, advocacy and engagement for the re-dress of youth development issues in both rural and urban Zimbabwe. Being aware that there are many youths who have been marginalised in socio-economic and political development issues of Zimbabwe, his organization seeks to contribute to the development and welfare of the youths by building their capacities on various socio-economic issues through livelihoods projects and opportunities to vocational and life skills trainings. This he believes would contribute towards the country’s progress in meeting her Goal 1 (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger). Ellton Shumba seeks to work closely with the youth to initiate Income Generating Projects that will have the purpose of raising resources to support and alleviate them from poverty.
Over the past five years Elton Shumba under New Generation Trust has worked tirelessly to uplift the lives of young people mostly in Harare. Ellton has done several leadership training programs for young people within the Community, mainly in Sunningdale and Mbare. Apart from leadership training he has fought to tackle the issue of drug abuse through his campaign, Youth Against Drug Abuse since 2013 through sport and debate in the above mentioned areas. Ellton has created a platform for debate in young people through debates and public speaking in order to nature and teach young people in to becoming the future young leaders of tomorrow.
Apart from New Generation Trust, Ellton in 2016- 17 was heavily involved in the Rotaract Club of Avondale activities as a Club Service Director, one notable achievement, he managed to coordinate and fundraise for Melfort Old People’s Home by staging a Miss Rotaract Harare pageant which got lots of media attention.
Ellton also sits on the Board of Trustees of Young Diplomats Zimbabwe which is an organization that promotes the leadership of young Zimbabweans through international delegations, research projects, and advocacy initiatives.
Ellton Shumba is currently the Business Development for the Microfinance Industry Pension Fund which is a Pension Fund which mainly targets membership from various microfinance institutions in Zimbabwe. Through his experience he has began to teach about the need for lifetime savings for a retirement benefit to the young people in various communities under his organization New Generation Trust.

Ellton Shumba holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and International Studies, he has several Development oriented certificates and is a holder of a Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship in Southern Africa currently he is studying towards a Certificate of Proficiency in Pension Management Trusteeship.

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