Misunderstanding The Point Of Leadership, And Leadership Development

The point of the leadership development tools that the modern world has to offer–leadership training, mentorship of future leaders, leadership keynote speakers with their take on the subject–may not be what you think it is.

It isn’t leadership for leaders’ sake. And it isn’t leadership for leadership’s own sake.

The goal isn’t to grow great leaders, refined, articulate, generous, charismatic leaders. At least not ultimately.

It’s to build great organizations.  Great companies.  Great results.

You don’t hope for a Winston Churchill because enjoy hearing spectacular speeches. You need Churchill because you want to save your country from devastation and serfdom.

The legacy of Steve Jobs is not the biopics.  It’s Apple.

Once you make the shift of mind required to understand this, the discipline of leadership development becomes a more valuable undertaking, and also far less ego-driven.  Because leadership is conceived as involving the repayment of a debt to an organization, a debt to others, a debt to the future, the people who are even interested in pursuing it will shift.  And that, I promise you, is a positive leadership development.