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Have you ever asked yourself why some people are motivated, purpose driven and successful in life? Whilst others are simply not, and just go through their daily routines waking up, going to work, going back home, watching tv, complaining about the economy about bills, about their spouse, and their jobs hoping circumstances around them will change, but never taking any action to change their situations. These are people that are not fully living life and being purposeful.

We are all given the same 24hrs in a day from Microsoft founder Bill gates to Media mogul Oprah Winfrey, so given the same amount of time we all have, how come they can be more productive, creating businesses, empires and legacies for themselves, whilst others struggle just to get out of bed.

It’s important to have a purpose in life. Purpose being a strong conviction of what you’re meant to do in life. In Zimbabwe, many youths have lost their sense of purpose due to the current economic crisis. It hurts me and pains me when I see youths young men and women having lost hope of being employed of having a family, of living extraordinary lives having lost a sense of purpose with their lives and instead prefer to take the easy route and numb their pain with intoxications and vices like unprotected sex, cough syrup and pills.

Yet because of not having any purpose or goals these young men and women who could be future entrepreneur’s innovators that could lead us in this bold new world instead get high and forget their problems by the roadside, hustling for their next high.

I have seen lives filled with hopelessness and despair when no specific purpose has been embraced. On the other hand, I have seen drastic improvements in psychological well-being when people have identified a meaningful purpose.People that have set their goals focused and gotten what they want.

I believe that we are each on earth for a special purpose, and it is up to each of us to find out what that purpose is. And that is where Hyped for Success comes in. Hyped for success is an institution that helps empower and transform individuals, corporates, schools, churches and other community organisation through the three-way holistic approach:

1.Providing life coaching Interventions through individual coaching, leadership coaching, youth coaching and so much more.

2.Providing public speaking solutions at events including weddings,workshops,seminars,training and motivational speaking engagements.

3.Providing motivational content (videos, books, audios) to end users.

It is a Motivational consultancy institution that was founded by life and business strategist Christopher Gundu also known as Coach Chris an Human Resources Practioner, entrepreneur and certified life coach and Coach Shyleena who is a business woman and psychologist.

I came to realise that everyone needs a life coach/support to become successful to be mentored and encouraged when times are good and especially when times are bad. Assisting people produce extra ordinary results in all aspects of their life.

Through life coaching one might come to realise his or her potential he or she used to undermine or take for granted. As your Life Coach, we’ll help you discover what’s most important to you in your life will partner with you all the way to success. Then we’ll celebrate with you!

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