About Us

The Zimbabwean Leadership Magazine is a platform to showcase every Zimbabwean’s success story and strives to exhibit black excellence.

The magazine focuses on bringing the best of Zimbabwe to a global audience, telling the African story from a Zimbabwean perspective; while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges being faced by the continent today.

The negative publicity that has plagued the Zimbabwean media has tainted a negative perception to the Zimbabwean Success Story. Hence less attention has been given to Zimbabwean Achievers. Amid all the controversies and Issues around Zimbabwe, it should be noted however that evident achievements are being witnessed notably in all spheres.

Detractors have worked towards putting a certain imagination of a failing Zimbabwe and have employed their technological advantage towards suffocating every success story that has since been seen. In instances they demonize those that rise with a blurred picture of events, though derailed success cant be denied.

The Zimbabwean Leadership Magazine is here to profile every achievement in Zimbabwe, giving a clear picture of events with a deeper indigenous meaning to it.

It shall capture success stories from all walks of life, business, religion, sport etc.
It shall give unquestionable attention to all achievers despite age and sex.
It shall en-campus all races creed and color.
It shall capture success stories far and deep in the land, ensuring fairness and equality.

Contrary to public belief, the magazine is a voice to the world displaying events and news which speak positively towards a successful Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Leadership Magazine is a platform to showcase Zimbabwean innovation, profound leadership and inspiring people.

Our mission is to promote black excellence,leadership and innovation.